Subscription Benefits

Your 1-800-AIR-REPAIR phone number is a subscription-based service, developed and operated by an HVAC industry professional, who uses the same service in his own business. Greg McAfee has built his Dayton, Ohio business, McAfee Heating and A/C Co., Inc., using this phone number as a marketing and branding cornerstone.

This is a month-to-month subscription agreement, that requires an investment of time and energy. The number, standing alone, won’t do much for your business if you don’t use the full power of it’s message to convey your marketing initiatives to your community…and potential customers.

In Addition to a Great Phone Number, Your Subscription Provides:

  • Call reports
  • Expert branding advice
  • Monthly marketing tips
  • Exclusive training opportunities
  • Monthly e-newsletter subscription
  • Leads routed directly to you, 24/7/365
  • Professional graphic design added to your logo
  • Six 20-minute FREE phone consults with Greg McAfee
  • A rate freeze – no subscription fee increases for 3 years

Discounts Available

Multiple Area Codes
If your target market area covers more than one area code, discounts are available for multiple subscriptions.

Vehicle Branding
Get a special allowance for adding your newly branded 1-800-Air-Repair logo to up to 12 trucks or other vehicles.

Reserve Your Area Code Now!

$100.00 reserves your area code today. If your area code is not available today, we’ll be happy to put you on a waiting list. Just let us know…


"We've used the 1-800-Air-Repair phone number for a few months, and tracked our sales from that number to nearly $30,000." -Steve Driskill, Boerne, TX